Much ado about not much.

Well, the lamestream media and their masters the leftists/statists/progressives have been gleefully burning up the airways and interwebz since the kerfuffle in Charlottesville last week. You’d think Fort Sumter had been fired on again.

Yeah it’s bad that a young woman was killed, but we don’t actually know all the facts or details of this incident, but that hasn’t held back the invective of the left.

Oh yeah, evidently the President didn’t say the approved words, (approved by the left, that is), so now this is another reason to impeach him. Sigh. The Russian collusion thing seems to be fading, so here’s another way for the left and all “right thinking people”™ to vent their continuing hurt feelings.  As Pooh would say: “Oh bother!”

There are a lot of people wondering about the instigation of this confrontation. Such as why were the police so lackadaisical in their response to the (inevitable) clashes?ACLU questions

Why were the permitted protesters herded right into the waiting arms of the counter-protesters?

This blogger has a pretty good summary of various questions and reactions: Here

When I say Much ado about not much, I don’t want to give the wrong impression; I’m not saying that Charlottesville was a textbook case of how discussions should go, but it is a pretty good case for overreaction by the press and the left. Sarah Hoyt does a much better job than me, so please go read her take on it. here

As far as I’m concerned, this is another attempt of the left and it’s running dog media (Heh, I love using commie phrases about commies) to obfuscate and divert attention from the real problems of the world. Mostly caused by leftists/statists/progressives/commies/islamists.

Watch your six.



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Coma Music

My lovely wife and I have discussed how to decide if “I am still present” should I slip into a non-medically induced coma. What we decided was for me to put together a playlist that would get to me through a deep fog.

Baby, put some headsets on me and crank it up.

I figure if I can tap my left foot at 2 and 4, I’m still present. If not , well I’m probably not home anymore.

This is what I came up with:

Blood Sweat & Tears- “You Made Me So Very Happy”

Joe Bonamassa- “Let the Good Times Roll”

Joe Bonamassa – “Boogie Woogie Woman”

Katie Webster- “CQ Boogie”

Joe Bonamassa – “Ole Time Religion”

Asleep at the Wheel- “Route 66”

Jackie Brenston- “Rocket 88”

Chuck Berry- “Maybellene”

Amos Milburn- “Chicken Shack Boogie”

Brian Setzer Orch.- “Rock This Town”

Any suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments.






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1968 Mustang vs Icicle

So there I am, snoozing away having worked a swing shift that included working on 2 red- lined F-106s. 1 down for no data-link and 1 down for unstable MA1 computer. In February. In Rome N.Y. Yeah they were in the hangers, but it was still COLD. I’m a Southern boy bred and born; besides my last duty station was in the sunny, tropical climes of Vietnam. (I should’ve known something was up when they special-issued me Arctic winter clothing.)

Sawing logs, Bang!Bang!on the door to our apartment. Checked the time, it’s O-dark early. Mumble, mumble. I answer the door to the Staff Sergeant who lives on the 3rd floor. “What”? (I may have been less than gracious). He wants me to help move a large ice chunk out of the driveway so he can go to work.

We trek downstairs, and he’s right, there is a large ice chunk blocking the driveway. It’s in the driveway because it has fallen from the eves of the house (3 stories) landed on my ’68 Mustang. Smashed the passenger side of the roof almost flat to the dashboard, windshield busted, mangled the right front fender, the right side of the hood, and caused other fiddly bits of mayhem. I stand there mouth agape and the Staff Sgt says with an apparent lack of irony: “Looks like your car got some damage out of that.”  We had to get an axe to break-up the monster icicle to clear the driveway.

The Mustang was insured with a broker in Arkansas. You know where this is going right? Called the agent at home bright and early his time. “Say bud, I’ve had an icicle fall on the Mustang and I need to make a claim.” “What? (He joined the less than gracious crowd). An icicle? What, did it scratch the paint? Har Har.” I ‘splained it to him…I had a mental image of him standing there in his Arkansas Razorback PJs, mouth agape…I liked that image. Heh.

Got all that out of the way, local agent says to call wrecker and take it to Riolo’s Body Shop down on Black River Drive. OK. Get dressed, and ride with the tow truck to the body shop; I’m going to need a loaner to drive while they look at the damages. Yeah they have loaners, insurance will pick-up the cost, but I’m responsible for the gas, oil, etc. I should have negotiated that better. The car I got was a ’68 Rambler that burned transmission fluid like a wino burns MD 20/20.

This was in February. Insurance decided to fix it not total it.  Good deal, probably less hassle. Wrong! First they had to order parts. Then some of the parts arrive, but in the wrong order. Apparently one can not just willy-nilly replace body parts except in a certain sequence? Who knew? Then the new fender gets run over. I never got a good answer for that. Reorder. Meanwhile, this Rambler I’m using is costing beaucoup bucks in transmission fluid.

Actual home in which my apt was located in Rome NY. Our kitchen looked out of the bay windows in front.

An example of our ’68 ‘Stang.

Finally, on the 14th of April I pick-up the repaired Mustang. They had done an excellent job of restoring that beauty. All that and the cost was less than $700.00.  Of course those are 1970 dollars and equal to about 1&1/2 times my monthly pay as a lowly E-4, but I only owed the deductible of $100.00. Yay Insurance.

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Might get a room at the camp for this.

h/t The Patriot Post

h/t The Patriot Post

Again; not about GUNS it’s all about CONTROL. Any of you who think differently are either naive or willfully ignorant. I guess I should clarify: You may personally think that it’s about guns, but I’ll guarantee you that the regime does not. This out of control, Marxist, murderous, law-breaking administration actually doesn’t give a rat’s a** about guns or your children , just using this “crisis” as a means to either provoke, continue chaos or both, while getting in some more control regulations.

(this’ll probably put me down for a room in the camp 😉 )

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Mourning in America

With apologies to President Reagan’s 1984 campaign.

When Hal Riney (who wrote and narrated the ad) said the words “Morning in America” he was giving voice to the idea that it was a new day dawning and things were  better, and they were. From the “malaise” of Carter’s America to the get-it-done attitude of Reagan’s America.

When I used the word “mourning” in the phrase, I intend it to mean exactly what you probably understand it to mean: Enter into a time of grief, for something great has died.

Of course the ones who will mourn are those who actually care about the America that was a shining city on a  hill. The light of hope to a dark and corrupt world. A place where one could actually aspire to whatever one wanted to do, and with enough talent and hard work achieve those aspirations.

Now it appears that the highest aspirations of a majority of voters is to live off the government dole or payroll. The Takers have taken over and now demand their due from the Makers.  As long as the takers don’t have to worry about anything more important than where to get their malt liquor and free phone they will be OK. Keep those SNAP cards and disability checks coming in and we won’t burn down the cities.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising them the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy…. The world’s great civilizations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back again into bondage.” Alexander Tyler (ca.1770)  More here.

Got to hand it to the Liberals/Progressives/Commies, they have steadily worked the problem of how to take away the independence and freedom of Americans. It seems they have achieved their goals: A permanent class of dependent-on-the-gubmint people who vote. It started with the schools, and the unions, and the media. Once the civil service and the teachers were unionized, it was just a matter of keeping the effort moving FORWARD. And no, I’m not saying there was a vast conscious conspiracy, just groups of like minded fools idiots people who understood that to accomplish their goals this is the path to take.

This rant could go on for pages, but I’ll end it soon. I just want to say that my whole reason for wanting America to stay free is for my grandchildren. As selfish as that sounds it’s honest. My life on this mortal coil will end within a few years, but my grandchildren will have to live with massive debt or a total financial collapse. How could anyone want that reality for their loved ones? But with the re-election of obama, that is exactly the minimum future. It could get worse. I believe we missed the last exit to get off the road to destruction. Now we are motoring down that “Highway to Hell”.

“Bye,Bye Miss American Pie” RIP Lady Liberty and freedom. Goodbye Constitution, it was nice while it lasted. God have mercy on us.

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How much of our life
is led
in unconscious servitude
to the
sweet siren song
of habit?

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You’re doing a heck of a job Barry!

“Where does America stand? You see when the friends or foes alike don’t know the answer to that question, unambiguously and clearly, the world is likely to be a more dangerous and chaotic place.” – Condoleeza Rice

Not that I’m any great shakes at prognostication, but anybody with any time living in Realville could have predicted some fiasco would happen after the jihadists took over. Back in Jan I wrote a short piece to that effect.

Dhimmi thinking: “Just sympathize with them and all will be well.”  Idiots.

Let’s see: A mob in Egypt storms our embassy, tears down our flag, raises a POS terrorist flag. Then in Libya a mob attacks our consulate in Benghazi and manages to kill our Ambassador and 3 staff members and the media (MSM) is saying it’s all over some poorly produced amateur YouTube video. Right. I’ve got some land and a bridge to sell you. Dummies

These attacks were planned and executed by direction of some leader; they were not spontaneous. Does the date 9/11 signify anything to the liberals? No, probably not. Obviously Dear Leader didn’t think it necessary to attend any intelligence meeting/briefings for a week before these attacks. Too busy going to fundraisers or playing golf. Putz!

The one on the left went on to become an effective leader of a nation, the one on the right just stayed a chump.

Meet with the leader of our strongest and most consistent ally in the middle east? Naw, can’t be bothered, but I’ll meet with the leader of Egypt and go on Letterman. Participate in ceremonies for 9/11? Naw, but I’ll do a radio interview with some no talent hip hop DJ. Poser!

  Can’t lose the chance to score some bucks!

Of course when Mr. Romney expresses his outrage on the attacks before Dear Leader has made his statement, the propaganda arm of the Democrat party the mainstream media jumps all over him asking why he (Romney) jumped the gun , and did he regret his statements. AYFKM  Really? That’s the important questions?  Romney was the only one making statements that looked and sounded like an adult. Schmucks!

So now the Won has decided to send more money to Egypt, but he’s not sure if they’re an Ally or enemy.  Echos of Jimmy Carter.

I guess Carter doesn’t have to worry about being the worst President in modern times, Obama has surpassed him.

And there’s more: I saw where our oh so effective Secretary of State was in Morocco saying Islam is a Great Religion. WTH. (It’s actually more of a political philosophy.) Some more of that progressive thinking, that Kumbaya-it-takes-a-village BS. How’s that all worked out for y’all?

“The gang that couldn’t shoot straight” is the perfect appellation for this cabal. Except that they have succeeded in wrecking the economy and making our enemies bolder. The kind of  thinking that this regime manifests is dangerous.

I really believe November is our last chance to start to reverse this mess, and no I don’t think this GOP ticket is the best we could have fielded, but it is what it is. If Oblamebush and the Zombie Rats Democrats are not roundly turned out, it’s going to get real ugly.

I’ll make another prediction: If Obama is defeated some cities will burn. It’s not a prediction I find any pleasure in making, but I think there are some people who will take an Obama defeat poorly to the point of violence. Look at the Rodney King verdict. And that was not near the status of Obama being elected, and then being rejected.

One more: There is usually an October surprise. Now this is just really winging it, but what if there is a crisis of some kind that requires a declaration of a National Emergency? Banking crisis, real hot war in a large region?- doesn’t matter what it is, maybe even a crisis manufactured? All that has to happen is a declaration and “we will have to put off the elections until we get this crisis under control”. There are any number of standing Executive Orders that allow the complete takeover of this nation or at least large enough chunks of it that the regime could easily be in power for a long time. I would make plans with a bias towards a little paranoia.

I’ll be working on the bunker if you need me.





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Ignorance is Bliss, (in some cases)

I guess in some cases that ignorance is bliss. This video is  about 5 minutes long but says so much about the so called enlightened,progressive party of Obama. Especially the one who says “whatever my President wants, I’ll support” that is truly frightening. That is the same type of thinking that gets anybody in trouble. “Just following orders” etc, etc–you know where unthinking and blind loyalty leads.

Those same non-thinking fools idiots Kool-aid drinkers  leftists then buy into this line of BS: “we all belong to the Government”.  What! Wait, I don’t belong to the government, I use the government when necessary, but the government belongs to me. For without the producers paying taxes there would be no government. Dummies!

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Old Bombers @ Kingman AZ

H/T: Old NFO blog post.
“Historic pics from Kingman in 1947-48 as all the bombers were destroyed…As you watch, take a look at the numbers of bombing missions these birds survived, and how many were patched in various ways and places!”
It is a sad, but noble journey. The aircraft weren’t needed any longer, so they were stripped, crushed and recycled to make consumer goods. People were tired of the war and having to do without, so these proud and stalwart defenders of freedom gave up their materials-again- for the ones for whom they fought.
I know, I know. I’m imbuing feelings on an inanimate machine– still—.
Also notice the nose art; those young men knew what they were fighting for;) winking


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Simple question

It is impossible to raise the tax high enough on the “rich” to pay off the debt. Take all their money and it would not make much of a dent in the debt. It’s not rocket surgery, there is not enough money in the GDP to pay off the debt:

Debt as of 07/31/12=15,933,234,637,493.00, GDP as of 2011=15,094,000,000,000.

I know most of you are capable of doing the math, so tell me how taxing the “rich” is going to pay off the debt?


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