Hello world!

First post on Pearl Harbor Day! I hope to make better use of my time with this endeavor than the Japanese made with their foolish attack on Pearl Harbor, in that what they started didn’t end well for them four years later.

So, let’s start with what are my purposes  for writing this blog.

1.) To exercise my mind and gain better skills at the written word.

2.) To give vent to what I perceive as a country going down the wrong path, with all it’s attendant problems and possible       remedies.

C.) To add some humor at times to an otherwise humorless situation.

4.) To purposefully tweak the PC crowd’s nose.

5.) Additional duties to be determined as I go along.

This is NOT a forum, this is my blog and your rants and ravings will not change my core beliefs.  I’ll start by allowing comments (moderated), but reserve the right to terminate comments whenever I so choose. If you feel strongly enough to comment, have the stones  not to use “Anonymous” .

That is all, carry on.


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