Now what in North Korea?

Well, Kim Jung Il has achieved room temperature, now what?

Looking at the video and pictures  from the people mourning his death (pictures and video supplied by the North BTW), one would get the idea that he will be missed by the people. We have to ask ourselves why would anyone mourn a despotic ruthless leader such as Kim? Maybe they don’t have a different frame of reference. Maybe they don’t have a clue that their kinfolk down south live better than most of the North’s leaders. Maybe they have been spoon fed so much bee-ess for so long that they actually believe that it is steak and potatoes (or kimchee in this case). Who can know?

We can hope and pray that the heir apparent, Kim Jong-un, the youngest son, will bring much needed reform to the North. I wouldn’t bet on it though, since Jr. has only been around for a couple of years as the heir apparent. It’s unlikely that the entrenched power north of the 38th parallel will be willing to give up any rights to the people. The rulers have too much to lose if the people get a taste of freedom. Why those simple folk might get the idea that they could have rights;  voting, free speech, freedom to work  where they want, traveling where and when they want. Horrors! they might even want to be able to think for themselves!

Take a look at the photo. This is a night satellite  shot of the Koren peninsula showing the difference in the lights. I also think it shows the difference between a centrally controlled economy (the commie rat bas***d north) and one that encourages   freedom(the south).

A centrally planned economy  simply does not work.  There are numerous examples on the trash heap of history. Why would anyone believe that it will work in the USA? But evidently there were 53% of my fellow Americans who believed it , because they voted in the most radical central planner we’ve ever had for a President, and they keep voting for the same type of idiot in Congress.  And some of them claim to be Republicans!  I weep for my country, and what we have let happen to this  great nation. It’s still better than anything currently viable, but we have lost our way. We have one more chance in 2012 to put the train back on the track and start reversing the socialism that is growing exponentially, or  if not,  then get ready for USSA (United Socialist  States of Amerika). Then what few freedoms we have left will start to go away, and then the only way to regain them will be very ugly.

That is all, carry on.


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