Zombie Rats

No this is not about politics-but that would be a good title for a piece on the rat bas***ds in Washington D.C. and other locales- this is about a chillaxing day doing recoil therapy.

Heavy emphasis on the “chill” part of the word? chillaxing.  When I arrived at the range someone told me it was 37 degrees, I believed it. Of course the wind was from the North.  It had rained recently (that’s a good thing we need the rain) so the clay and gravel  soil in the tactical bay was primed to attach to our boots/shoes. Felt like I gained 5 lbs just walking around.

There were some newbies in the group so they were instructed in the finer points of gun safety, then the basics: grip, stance, sight picture, etc. One of the newbies is a foreign exchange student from Southern Europe, so of course she had never shot a weapon. Started her out on .22s, she was a natural shot. She was moved up to a Browning Hi Power 9mm, then a XDM .45. She was nailing the targets like she’d been shooting for a year!  You couldn’t have slapped the smile off her face; of course with her shooting lights out, you wouldn’t want to try.  Videos and still pictures were taken to (I think) e-mail to her folks back in the Old Country. See, send your daughter off to Texas and right away she gets into the fun stuff!

One retired Marine summed it up pretty well when he said: “I love the smell of burnt cordite in the morning”. Yeah, Bubba!

We did save the surrounding town from an infestation of Zombie Rats:

Enjoy your Holiday with family and friends.

Merry Christmas.


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One response to “Zombie Rats

  1. JD Durrettt

    Yep. NOthing like taking a newbie out for a few ouchs of lead and Zombie Rats. Now all her friends will want to come to Texas.

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