We have a Winner!

UPDATE. 01/02/11

A commenter pointed out that the ending debt of Bush 43 was around $11 trillion and now the current is around $15 trillion. Here’s another chart:

Does this make you feel better?  Not me.  If you really want to get depressed go here. And here.

My statement will stand: This is the most destructive cabal of an administration in my lifetime and I lived through the Carter years. Confession: I even voted for the peanut farmer. Bad mistake, I’ll have that stain on my conscience as long as I live.


Can one person “break the bank?”  Yes. Yes, one person can:

h/t Mostlycajun.

It took 43 Administrations to get to 6.3 TRILLION! $. Mr. Sereto Obama beat it in one! What a guy, maybe he is The One.

Now of course he had lots of help from the Dems in Congress (remember they took over both houses in 2006), they stopped passing budgets in 2008 after Obama was elected, and have just been  doing continuing resolutions since, thereby adding to the baseline spending. Now if they do a budget they will have the “baseline” to work with, and they can “cut” spending and still increase the costs. “Cutting” spending in a baseline budget is only decreasing the rate of increase. BTW: Cutting the deficit doesn’t mean jack squat unless the deficit is cut to ZERO. If there is a deficit we still add that to the debt.

Unless there are true fiscal Conservatives elected this cycle, we are in the crapper. Some say it may be too late now, but I’m an optimist.

ANYONE who thinks we can sustain this  spending is living in denial, in fact may be the King of denial. I know, I know-there are a lot of people out there that think Obama is the greatest thing since _________ (you fill in the blank). That’s what so sad; the people who think that get to vote anyway.

Back to the bunker.



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2 responses to “We have a Winner!

  1. The debt was 11 trillion dollars at the end of Bush’s final fiscal year. It’s now $15 trillion.

    • You are correct Mr. Hoffman, thank you.
      Although it was a mistake to post this egregious error (unlike the so-called main stream media who never shade their coverage of teh One) [sarcasm off], the fact remains that Mr. Obama is leading this economy down the tubes (with much help from congress, D and R). We simply can not afford to continue down this path.

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