I’m a Racist Cracker *

*According to most Obama supporters, and probably a Nazi, right-wing Neanderthal,yada,yada. *Yawn*

Remember before  Oblamebush  Obama was elected, and the left keep telling us Neanderthal right-wing nuts that dissent was the very pinnacle of patriotism? You remember some examples, such as portraying Bush as Hitler or making a  movie about the assassination of Bush? The list is almost endless.

Now? You better fall in line with the program or you’re a racist cracker. One can’t even discuss policy differences with most Obama supporters without being dismissed as a bigot.

It’s really getting tiresome to have to put up with that childish drivel. If you can’t articulate your position without resorting to such childish blather, just go away. You obviously don’t  have to ability to think past your nose, and are just going to regurgitate talking points. I will  refuse to engage you in conversation and will openly mock you.





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2 responses to “I’m a Racist Cracker *

  1. Bruce Campbell

    Good one, well spoken

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