Heard Mom’s voice again.

I found a snippet of a tape recording (reel to reel!) that I had made of my mother and stepfather while they were visiting us back in 1979. They had come down to see their first grand baby. We got to talking about our family tree and I recorded it. I’m sure I recorded more at this time because the recording cuts off abruptly, but haven’t found any more so far.

The recording I do have, and have transferred to CD, sure is  a blessing. It’s been many long years since I’ve heard my late mother’s sweet voice, and her wonderful laugh. Blessed also by my late step-dad’s  telling of some of his family history, and of some of his time as a P.O.W. in Germany. Even had some extraneous sounds of our baby cooing and our long dead cat “Squeaky”.

The technology that is ubiquitous now enables all of us to record much more easily than I did way back in ’79: I had to drag out the mics, set them up to capture the sound correctly, load up the deck with a reel of tape, set the levels,(test 1,2,3), then finally! we were ready to go.

Much more spontaneity is available today. Just ask any politician who has been busted by a video or audio captured via a cell phone.

Avail yourselves of  any opportunity to record the ones you love. They’ll be gone before you know it.


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