Big Sister is watching you!

If you have any concern about your civil rights as enumerated in the Constitution, go to this link and read just the pull quotes about what our Government is doing. Here is a quick look: DHS is monitoring “the media” to include social media, blogs, all media. They’re trying to ascertain what people are saying about the regime and the policies put forth. How about that folks, we’re under surveillance. Isn’t that just peachy keen? Hope and Change my a**!!

This is a slippery slope DHS is walking on. The worst part about is we, especially the takers in this country,  are allowing it. Dang people, wake the hell up!  This is turning out to be the most corrupt, law flouting, Constitution bashing bunch of yahoos that this country has yet elected.

My sincere prayer is that we can start to fix this in November by elections, if not this could turn out to be ugly. DHS if you are listening or reading: bugger off! I still claim my 1st amendment right to POLITICAL speech.

Jimmy (the peanut farmer) Carter was my candidate for worst modern president until this bunch got their money-grubbing, power-hungry hands on the reins of power. Now I look at Jimmah as a benign growth. This group of bandits is more like a fibrous metastasized cancer that is threatening the soul of this great land.

Lord help us.




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