Neptunus Lex, RIP

One wonders about the influence one has on other people and whether that influence is good or bad or any at all. Let me say that one should wonder about that, but some people don’t (or can’t).

I was an infrequent reader of the milblog Neptunus Lex, written by a retired naval aviator. The postings by Lex were always well written, enjoyable and usually insightful. He had a certain lyrical prose  especially when writing about flying.

Captain LeFon was killed yesterday in a crash while landing his aircraft. The blog site opened a thread for tribute and condolences. When I first looked at it there were over400 comments, I just checked: there are now over 800 comments. Most of them (that I have read) seem to share a common theme. They speak of knowing Lex although most never actually met him. They express a loss, though most have never met him. Some speak eloquently, some simply, but most speak of somehow being influenced by Lex.

No great moral lesson or great insight here, just an acknowledgement of the truth that what we say and how we conduct our lives influences others, either for good or not.


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