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Ignorance is Bliss, (in some cases)

I guess in some cases that ignorance is bliss. This video is  about 5 minutes long but says so much about the so called enlightened,progressive party of Obama. Especially the one who says “whatever my President wants, I’ll support” that is truly frightening. That is the same type of thinking that gets anybody in trouble. “Just following orders” etc, etc–you know where unthinking and blind loyalty leads.

Those same non-thinking fools idiots Kool-aid drinkers  leftists then buy into this line of BS: “we all belong to the Government”.  What! Wait, I don’t belong to the government, I use the government when necessary, but the government belongs to me. For without the producers paying taxes there would be no government. Dummies!


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Tax the Rich!

We’ve all seen the signs from those oh- so- pleasant people in the Occupy movement. “Tax The Rich”  “The 1% don’t pay their fair share”! etc, etc, ad nauseum. Well try this explanation on for size. If the richest corporations and citizens were to be taxed 100% on their world wide profit, we could finance the proposed spending for 1 year. Then what?

Watch this video for a much better explanation, this is worth your time:

Tax the rich mentality


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