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Coma Music

My lovely wife and I have discussed how to decide if “I am still present” should I slip into a non-medically induced coma. What we decided was for me to put together a playlist that would get to me through a deep fog.

Baby, put some headsets on me and crank it up.

I figure if I can tap my left foot at 2 and 4, I’m still present. If not , well I’m probably not home anymore.

This is what I came up with:

Blood Sweat & Tears- “You Made Me So Very Happy”

Joe Bonamassa- “Let the Good Times Roll”

Joe Bonamassa – “Boogie Woogie Woman”

Katie Webster- “CQ Boogie”

Joe Bonamassa – “Ole Time Religion”

Asleep at the Wheel- “Route 66”

Jackie Brenston- “Rocket 88”

Chuck Berry- “Maybellene”

Amos Milburn- “Chicken Shack Boogie”

Brian Setzer Orch.- “Rock This Town”

Any suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments.







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