Nothing more than an old guy with some strong opinions and no writing ability, but that’s not going to stop me from expressing said opinions.

I’ve lived long enough and seen enough ( 3 rodeos, 4 state fairs and a war) to not be overly concerned with being politically correct. So if you get your panties in a wad over the use of language or descriptions of people, places or things that are decidedly not PC, then you are going to be doing a lot of seat picking if you read much of this blog.

The opinions expressed herein are mine (unless attributed to others) and said opinions are worth about what you pay for them.

If you choose to leave a comment, at least have the courtesy to sign your comment. I don’t put up with idiots or trolls and you can be dismissed from my world.

Copyright notice

All original content on this Web site is copyright © on date of publication by this author. All rights reserved except, of course, that others may quote from original content under the ‘Fair Use’ provisions of US copyright law. Your mileage will vary. Remove plastic cover before eating. Do not use in bathroom. Caution:user assumes all risk derived from knowledge gained.


2 responses to “About

  1. JD Durrett

    Let the games begin.

  2. Nancy D. Heustis

    I want to be able to say things about our leaders and ask questions when I don’t understand things. I know that u won’t laugh at my ignorance on somethings and help me to understand. Darral is my rock when I have questions but sometimes I really need a Christian man to help me with some thoughts and ideas. Thank u for being here. Like I said ur comments help me to think and try to see what is going on.

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